Mavalus Tape with Stickitivity

For years researchers at Mavalus Labs worked tirelessly to develop a formula that would revolutionize the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) industry. While most tapes are designed to either hold tight or remove easily, we sought to create an acid-free tape that could do both. The result was an Intelligent Adhesive solution designed specifically for superior bonding coupled with the ability to remove cleanly without surface damage or adhesive transfer. Simply put:

"It Sticks, It Stays, It Peels Away"

We guarantee it!

Try it for yourself. Mavalus comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it doesn't work for you, return the tape to us and we will use it to tape our mouths shut and then we will give you your money back. If it does work for you, tell your friends and place another order.

How To Use Mavalus Tape
A demonstration on how to use Mavalus Tape

Making Mavalus Tape
We are frequently asked about how we make Mavalus Tape. The process is quite simple. First we go to the factory at an undisclosed location and power up the tape making machine. Then we push the red button, then the green button. Next we check the the machine to insure quality. Then we get the tape off of the conveyer belt. Pretty simple. Take a look.

Paper - Will It Stick?
We took a five pound ream of paper and tried to stick it to a painted dry wall surface, first with a three inch piece of mavalus, then with a six inch piece. Will it stick?

Shelf - Will It Stick?
Here we're attempting to stick a metal shelf to a wall with Mavalus tape.

Tivo - Will It Stick?
We took a 12 pound TiVo and tried to stick it to a painted dry wall surface with three, three inch pieces of mavalus tape. Will it stick?

Banana - Will It Stick?
Ok. So we know we can stick things to walls with Mavalus tape. But what about sticking a banana to a tree? Let's find out...

Tivo - Will It Stick? Part 2
We took the 12 pound Tivo again, this time using a little more tape, and mounted it to a painted drywall surface. Take a look.

Five Pound Iron - Will It Stick?
We used two three inch pieces of mavalus tape to stick a five pound iron to painted dry wall in Ted's office. Ted is the Chief Sticktivity Officer at DSS Distributing, the maker of mavalus tape. We stuck the iron to the wall, removed it, stuck it again, removed it and stuck it again. Not only did it hold tight every time using the same tape, it did not damage the wall or leave any residue. Will it stick? Darn right.

Will Mavalus Tape stick to cold process laminating film?
We tested Mavalus Tape on cold process laminating film after a teacher told us she was having problems getting getting the tape to stick. The Mavalus adhesive did not stick to the film. It appeared to have an oily film on the surface. However, after we wiped the surface with alcohol and a cotton swab, the tape seemed to hold.

Will Mavalus Tape stick to freshly painted walls?
We have had several reports of Mavalus not sticking to freshly painted surfaces. Our research tells us it is important to let the paint cure completely before applying the tape.
"At its most basic, curing of a paint is when it turns from a pliable state to a solid state throughout, not just "dry" on the surface. Curing of paint is not the same as drying as it's a change at chemical level, not merely the evaporation of liquid or binder from the paint.
Even though latex paint dries to touch very quickly, it isn't dry enough to recoat for 8 to 12 hours. Some specialty latexes will dry faster, so read the label carefully for each different paint you purchase. Temperature and humidity also affect dry time. The ideal temperature is 70 F. When it comes to the actual "cure" time, which is the point-at-which the paint is as tough and durable as it will get, when you can wash it, most paints take approximately 30 days to reach full cure."
I hope this helps. As always we are interested in your feedback. If you have applications where the tape does not stick, let us know so we can share the information with our users.

Mavalus Tape is available in school supply stores and college bookstores. Call, email, or fill out the form below to locate a store in your area.

Phone: (225) 926-4570

Email: sales [at] mavalus [dot] com